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FAQ's (Guide to which projector to choose)


There are literally hundreds of different models available, prices range from one, two, three and even four thousand pounds, it may seem a daunting task to know what to buy, but its not. There is one important question you should ask yourself, "What will I use it for?"

Are you going to use it in a variety of different locations, will you be travelling all the time, if yes then it should be micro portable model, easily transported. However, if its likely to be used and stored in one place, e.g. a board room, and only used on the odd promotional exhibition, or for home cinema even, you likely be wasting money, when you could be purchasing a slightly larger model with the same or improved specification and for much less. In general:

  • Constant travelling: Micro Portable (2.5KG<) Use: laptop and/or video projection.

  • Semi portable: Portable 5KG or less. Use: laptop or desktop and/or video projection.

  • Fixed location: Portable or fixed unit: Use: To room size, multiple PC and/or Video projection.

Once decided, Your next consideration should be specification, which generally come into two categories, resolution and brightness, the second is less of an issue these days as most projectors are around a 1000 lumens, which is more than adequate for presentations in a small to medium sized rooms, classrooms and halls, even in well lit conditions. You will have to pay for increased resolution however. Most laptop computers up until 2000, were SVGA resolution, which is 800x600 pixels, however many later laptops and all desktops are XGA resolution 1024x768 pixels.

This is not a problem for SVGA projectors, which will generally automatically lower the resolution, however if you are projecting high resolution photos and want near photographic detail, then it will have to be an XGA. If the projector is going to be used to project Video, i.e. from a sky box or video, then there is little to be gained from the higher resolution XGA since SVGA can already project an image consisting of over 800 lines which is more than the resolution of a video signal.


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